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it was nice.. i watch this cuz i just finished playing crono trigger on snes in my computer,
the clicking messages was nice... at first but as the conversation gets a lot weirder it just kind of annoying to click the messages, but it was nice to use arrow key as a substitute for the clicking...

and also for me... the voices doesn't really that necessary
cuz the sounds was just perfect :3

thats the way, uh huh! uh huh

the first thing that came out of my mind when i hit the play button was: what the hell is this?.... the first part really didn't give anything, it just kind of annoyed me, especially the motorcycle part with the music was totally boring.. i almost stop watching this,

but then again.. about the saying "don't judge the book by it cover" :3
you really prove that to me when it came on the fight scene.. every fight scene in this flash was EPIC!

and then, there was one problem... when it was getting on the good part, and i kinda got the hang on the music.... it just suddenly stop! until the end the flash there was still no music.. the ending feels kinda lifeless :(

but i really love your work! especially the fight scenes! :3

oh my god!!

at first.. i thought this is going to be an adult flash, but i was wrong...... it was entertaining and funny :D

but the most EPIC part was the ending... oh my god, it was so frightening.. so spooky, ehhggghhh.. it really gave me the creeps! thats why i love it! :)

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so much FUN..

great job.. so fun to play.. really wort playing, love it so much ^^

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i love dragons.

cool dragon.. but the tongues a bit way off
and when i look on this picture, the blood on the dragon doesn't really show.....( um i don't know if "show" is the right word to use), it looks like someone trow a paint in his face or her.. whatever.. you could have made it a little more bloodier to show that it really is a bloody dragon...also color of the blood that will pop-out, so that when people or something sees this, they'll say: "OMG its a BLOODY DRAGGGGGG....on" :3

Love it..

somehow when i look at this it kinda reminds me of "parasite eve" or "resident evil".. i dont know why?.. but great fractals.. love it ^^

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